February 21, 2012


Hello, world! (And by "world," I of course mean "those of you whom I trust enough to give access to my Facebook profile and thus, this blog address!")

It's time. Time for me to start recording funny, interesting (or delightfully mundane, let's be honest...) stories from our life on the other side of the rainbow. Life is moving SO quickly, and nothing makes that more apparent to me than the teenager-slash-almost four-month-old fella who's sleeping upstairs at the moment.

My blog title may change as my mood changes, but for now, "Stories from a Screensaver" works for me. It's in reference to an iPhone photo I posted to Facebook last year with the caption, "The beautiful view from my 'office' this morning. I'm living in a screensaver." My dear mom, who understandably wishes this "screensaver" was a bit closer to Texas (as do I!), won't let me live this quote down, and so, I've embraced it. Why not?

YES, Hawaii is a gorgeous example of God's creation. You can take a screensaver-worthy photo without much effort here. We are more than fortunate to get to call this place home for now. However, the vast majority of my favorite screensavers are of my favorite people, and my favorite people are why I finally feel compelled to start a blog.

Some entries will be short, some will be long. Some will have photos, some will have typos. Some will be about life at home, some will be about life in general. I may write three per day or three per month. They may be informative, entertaining, or even boring at times, but my main hope is that they will be worth remembering one day when we look back at our first few years as a family.

So this is for you, my favorite people. A nice little way to keep track of our stories from a screensaver.

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