March 26, 2012

I drew something. Lots of somethings.

Let me explain why I didn't write B-Day Part 4 over the past weekend:



Bryson is number one on my daily priority list, naturally. (And isn't he TOO cute in his big boy rugby shirt?! SHEESH!)

However, I need to confess that while he was sleeping or otherwise occupied (entertaining himself with his newly-discovered toes), I spent an unhealthy amount of my free time playing my new favorite game, Draw Something. It is currently the top downloaded free app (I sprung for the $.99 version when I saw so many friends raving about it), and for good reason. It's cooperative, not competitive, it's creative, and it's just plain fun to laugh at what results from finger-screen painting.

If you have an iPhone or Android, you must download it. However, I recommend setting certain parameters, or else you too may find yourself behind on your birth story blog.

You've been warned.

Now. I'd love to write more, but my work is done, my baby is sound asleep, my husband's at work, and I need to go draw a corn dog.

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  1. You crack me up! Admitting you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery...

    1. Looking back at this post and laughing. I was SO in the zone this particular weekend. Now I only dust it (my Draw Something app) off every few cardio workouts or so!

  2. So funny! I'm becoming the Draw Something addict myself =)