March 5, 2012

Our "We're Pregnant!" Anniversary

Life as we knew it changed forever on Saturday, March 5, 2011 - exactly one year ago today.

When we decided we were ready for a baby (as ready as we could be, anyway...), I decided I wouldn't take a test unless/until I had good reason to believe it would be positive. I didn't want to take one too early, get a negative result, then get false hope, wondering if it was negative just because I took it too early. Aaand the frugal side of me also didn't want to waste a perfectly good test. (I know. Just being honest. I'm not one of those take-20-to-prove-it's-true kinda gals.)

It was almost 7:00 on this Saturday morning, and Jerm had already left for work. I tried to go back to sleep, but couldn't, so I decided to go work out. (I'd been working out a LOT over the past couple of months, trying to get in the best shape possible before round became my shape for a while.) I'd read in my books that when you're pregnant, your heart rate shouldn't get above 140 beats per minute. I wanted a good workout, but I was actually a few days late. That was one of my "good reasons to believe." Even though I felt totally normal otherwise, I decided to take a test. That way, I could rule out a pregnancy and keep workin' on my fitness without guilt.

By now we all know what happened next, but I was honestly NOT expecting it. I was hoping for it, don't get me wrong, but I didn't ever dream it would happen so soon for us. As a matter of fact, I'd just finished my first full week back at work. I was actually thinking maybe the timing of all that was God's way of keeping me busy so I wouldn't focus too much on "baby, or no baby?" each month. I was wrong.

And the test was positive! I guess technically I shouldn't have been surprised, but WOW. I was! What a weird feeling it was to know that there was a baby on board. I was alone, but I wasn't alone. Should I talk to the baby? Tell him/her, "Hi, Baby! I'm your mom. Welcome to my body!?" No turning back now. I didn't want to tell Jerm til he got home from work, and I couldn't tell anyone else until HE knew, so "Brownie" and I kept our secret all day long.

As soon as the clinic opened, I went to get a blood test to make sure it was real. Honestly, that tiny little bruise on my arm was the only evidence I had to prove to myself that I wasn't dreaming. While waiting for the results, I went to the NEX to buy supplies for the various "we're pregnant!" reveals I had in mind for the coming days. I went home and did whatever I could to stay busy. I worked out (moderately), cleaned the house, and baked some brownies in honor of the occasion. I went to a party at the visitor center for work that night, and I saw the most beautiful Pearl Harbor sunset I've seen to date.

What a special day.

In the days and weeks that followed, we shared our exciting news with our closest family and friends. Then, after we had our first peek at our Brownie, we were ready to share with everybody. The following video was our way of doing just that.

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