April 27, 2012

Life's a Beach

 Many people vacation in Hawaii for its beautiful beaches. Many people move to Hawaii for its beautiful beaches. Beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches. Surely we go to the beach every day, right?


In the first several months of living here, I made less than a handful of trips to the sandy shores of Oahu, and I felt pretty guilty about that. I didn't like the feeling that I was taking it (my new home) for granted somehow - that I should really be out on the beach every day, because so many people would love that opportunity.

So here's my confession:

My name is Nikki, I live in Hawaii, and the beach isn't my favorite place to be on a sunny day. 

In fact, in the game of "Would you rather...?", I've been known to choose the mountains over the beach. On multiple occasions. And I don't think that means I should be kicked out of the state.

I love to look at the beach. I love to know that the beach is there, never more than a short drive away. I love to visit the beach on a breezy day when the sun is almost (or already) down for the day. I love to sit in a shady, grassy area near the beach. Some of my favorite Hawaii memories have been nighttime beach visits. Toes in the cool sand, staring up at the stars, workin' on my moontan and reflecting on my place in the universe.

Visiting the beach on a warm, sunny day is just too much of a process for my taste. I don't love loading up on sunscreen, which is a necessity to maintain my fair, vampire-like complexion. I don't see the fun in laying still in the sun, sweating for hours on end. Sure, I can listen to my iPod. I can even read a book! But then if I'm reading a book, I'm trying to figure out how to hold it without casting a weird, uneven shadow... It's just not my idea of relaxation.

Add Bryson and his gear to the mix (including SPF tent/canopy contraption, battery-operated fans, wide-brimmed hats, fully-loaded diaper bag, toys), and whoa. A trip to the beach just seems to add more stress than it relieves. We tried our first real beach trip on Easter Sunday. While the first five minutes went smoothly (see left), the remaining 71 did not (see right).

 So, with at least a year left (and hopefully many more, Navy-permitting) in this tropical paradise, I'm gonna keep it real and enjoy the beach guilt-free, on my terms. I don't have to go every day, week, or even month. I don't have to go on a hot sunny day. As Bryson grows up, I will try not to influence his opinions on sun, sand, sweat, and sunscreen. I want him to have a fair shot at being the beach bum I will never be (while carefully protected with the appropriate SPF, of course).

So that's that. Life's a beach that I prefer to enjoy either at night, or from the shade of a nice, big umbrella, with fresh cool grass between my toes, and I'm okay with that.

Plus, I don't know if you've heard, but moontans are so in right now.

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  1. Ya know, I was the same way when we lived there. I love to look at the beach, but it's also not my favorite place to be. And I too felt guilty for not enjoying it more. I don't like to sit in the sun baking...the thought just makes me sweat. Ha!

    We meant to take Matthew before we left, but I just could never get up the energy to do it. :-)

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! I truly have no desire to visit during the heat of the day. Late afternoon is where it's at.

  2. Lol....come to think of it, I prefer the beach at night as well. And I'm already tan! Between the sun, the ocean, and the sand..it's too blinding for me. I have three kids to give me wrinkles...I don't need to be squinting at the beach all day ;)

    1. Precisely! And you do already have a gorge tan ;)