May 15, 2012

Oh BOY :)

Blue means BOY: The official announcement photo.
Every pregnant woman is subject to a set of standard pregnancy FAQs. One of my least favorites questions is, "What are you hoping for?"

I feel weird when people ask that question. And I feel weird when people answer that question. Who wants to go on record saying they have a preference for the sex of their baby? At best, you're right, at worst, you're wrong, and you've put it out there that you didn't really want your child to be the way s/he is.

My diplomatic response was always "ten fingers, ten toes!"....until the week of my first ultrasound.

One of my favorite peeks at his tiny, tiny toes.
I had a dream that we went in for the ultrasound, and our baby had some ...unique... digits. I can't remember the exact breakdown, but it was something like eight total fingers, and ten total toes, with a four-six distribution. Stacey, my sister who was actually going to be there for our first ultrasound, said in the dream, "Well at least they add up to ten!" So true, Dream Stace. So true.

And so, my answer changed. I would love my baby, boy or girl, ten fingers or eight, ten toes or twelve. My baby's my baby, a dream come true regardless of the metatarsal count.

Long before I was ever pregnant, my mom predicted my first baby would be a boy. On the day we found out we were pregnant, Jeremy predicted we would have "at least one boy." (True story.) I didn't have any inklings of my own for the first few weeks, so I deferred to the predictions of those who knew me best.

After a while, though, I started to feel like I'd be surprised if this Brownie was a girl, which meant I thought he was a he. I carefully joined Team Boy, not wanting to hurt the hypothetical girl's feelings. While I think it'd be a great surprise to wait until the actual delivery to find out, I'm just not that cool. People say they want it to be a surprise, but the way I see it: It's a surprise whenever you find out, aaaand I'd rather be surprised and find out with plenty of time to stock the closet :)

We thought we wouldn't find out until June, but a surprise peek in late April gave us a bit more certainty, much sooner than we expected.

While in a "bonus" ultrasound on April 26th (11 weeks, 5 days along), enjoying the view of the tiniest crossed feet we'd ever seen (see above), the doctor stopped suddenly and looked at us.

Aerial view. That's no umbilical cord, folks.

"Do you want to know the sex?"

Was she really asking this? "Ummmmm...YES!"

"It does look like those are boy parts....but this is really early to say, so don't hold me to it..."

Cue Proud Papa: "Oh, I'm holdin' you to it."

HA! One point for Team Blue.

The final verdict came in on June 3 at our actual gender ultrasound. We took a photo to capture the last moment of wondering if we had a hypothetical baby girl, and then it was time to confirm what we'd seen in April. I sported blue nails and my favorite turquoise necklace to demonstrate my hypothesis.

Within just seconds, his goodies were on display. He's a HE! (Of course he is!) We were so excited. Not because we were right, but because he looked great. Perfectly healthy and growing like a champ. We had a son on the way. So unreal.

After the ultrasound, Courtney and I went shopping for his first boy outfits, and she snapped the official announcement photo with her phone (in front of a Party City window display, no less!). The wait was over. It was confirmed. My little dream guy was on his way, and the name game could officially commence.

Now we just have to wait about 13 more years to find out how he feels about me posting his boy parts for all of our friends and family to see.

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cupcake photo credit: kristin_a (Meringue Bake Shop) via photopin cc


  1. Love your post Nikki! It will be fun keeping up with you...