May 18, 2012

Tiny Bubbles: Fun at Gymboree

I'm a bit of a clutter-phobe. Okay, "phobe" may be a bit hyperbolic. But I certainly like every thing to have a place in our home.

By the time Bryson's first Christmas rolled around, he was only two months old. He wasn't playing with toys yet, and we had plenty waiting in the wings.

Knowing these two facts, coupled with the knowledge that I wasn't getting out (of my pajamas) much, my thoughtful sisters gave us a perfect gift: a gift card to be spent on two months of classes at our local Gymboree.

Gymboree is a fun place where you can take your kiddos (whether they're five weeks old or five years old) to play work on their cognitive, physical, and social skills. You can learn more about it on their website.

I wanted to wait until Bryson was about four months old before we started, and so that's what I did. One Sunday night I decided to go for it, signing us up for the next day's "Level 1" class.

I have to admit, it was nice to actually have a dedicated time and place to be! Up to this point, Bryson and I pretty much stayed home most days, with the exception of our daily walks. We were both going a bit shacky. While I was a bit nervous to make sure I timed his nursing sessions and naps strategically, it worked out just fine. I dressed him in his sportiest outfit (this was gym, after all...), and we were off!

Lots of songs are sung at Gymboree, and many of them involve Gymbo the clown. The teachers use him as a demo of sorts, to show the grown-ups what we're supposed to do with our babies. Admittedly, that can be weird. Nonetheless, save for the odd tear or age-appropriate outburst here and there, everybody has fun at Gymboree.

The one main rule there is that no shoes (or bare feet, besides tiny bare feet) are allowed on the floor. You must wear socks. After the first trip, unsuccessfully trying to balance holding Bryson and the diaper bag while signing in, creating name tags, and donning my Hanes no-shows, I made a mental note: Next time, think like a fashion criminal (and select Hawaii tourists) and wear socks with flip-flops for max efficiency. 

Once the logistics were handled, it was time for the fun stuff.
At this point, the suggestion was for them to look at "that baby in the mirror," according to the song. Bryson never once looked down. He was too captivated by the six-month-old cougar across the way.

This was the brainstorming session for the getaway. "I'll be the decoy, you grab Gymbo and as many bubbles as you can, then we'll roll right out of here..."

Apparently Gymboree bubbles are made with a special sugar recipe so that they don't burst as easily as your average bubbles. I didn't realize that when I sat, amazed at the shelf-life of this one in particular:

A major plus to classes at Gymboree is the opportunity to meet new people (this goes for both babies and their grown-ups). It's nice to swap stories with other parents going through many of the same things you are. I think the babies like to swap stories too. Here's Bryson with two of his Gym buddies. (He's the big handsome baldish one in the middle, if you couldn't tell...)

After a month of Level 1 and a month-long hiatus, we recently graduated to Level 2, which is for ages 6-10 months (or when they can crawl, whichever comes first). New teacher, new activities, new songs, new friends, and of photos.

As demonstrated below, he sat up on his own for quite a good while during this class! Probably because he felt more mature (this was Level 2, after all...).

As you can see, we like our time there. It's a Christmas gift that keeps on giving. After a month of Level 2, we will probably take another break until it's time for Level 3, then we'll take it from there. In the meantime, it's fun to have a special weekly date with my little man. He has a great time watching everyone play, and that makes it all worth it to me!

....And by "all", I mean the silent ridicule I would've surely endured at my local Target store, had I not realized I had been sporting my Gymboree socks + flip-flop combo on my long walk through the parking garage. Thankfully I was able to remedy the situation before making it to the entrance, where I otherwise may have been arrested by the fashion police.

Note to self, part II: take the socks off immediately once class is over.

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  1. They have so much fun there. I think all my kiddos have done it. He looks like he is having a fun time! I know you are a great mom!

  2. Each time he graduates to a new level he has even more fun!