July 6, 2012

So Fresh and So Clean (Clean)

Ain't nobody dope as B...

In the past eight months, we’ve had more “first bath” experiences than I can count.

There was the first bath at the hospital, the first sponge bath at home, the first bath where he could be submerged, the first bath without needing the baby sponge, the first bath without the seat in the tub, the first bath sitting up, the first bath in the sink, the first bath in a big bath tub, the first bath with fellow baby cousins….well, I guess I can count. (And that’s at least nine.)

Bryson has always been a fan of bathtime, save the odd occurrence when he’s just too tired to get in the spirit. He likes splashing in the water, LOVES taking his vitamin, and has really taken to the whole tooth-brushing/biting experience as of late. A nice warm bath is the headliner of our evening routine, signaling that bedtime is near.

Every now and then, Jeremy’s at work during bathtime, and it’s just me and B. Every other night, bathtime is boytime. Usually while the boys enjoy splash time, I dart around the house, putting away toys and other miscellaneous items that have made their way out throughout the day.

Sometimes, though, I stop to just watch and enjoy our little one, who has grown SO very much from that FIRST first bath. And the second. And the third.

I mean, truly. The only thing sweeter than a nice, clean baby in a pair of fresh jammies...

...is snuggling with a nice, clean baby in a pair of fresh jammies.

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  1. I totally agree with your last sentiment. :-)

    1. It's the greatest! Although he's a bit squirmier now, those sleepy-still moments are the B.E.S.T.