August 9, 2012

Hawaii 5-0, Part II

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Well, whattya know?

Creepy. And they lied. It's only 16GB.

The (pretend) first name listed in the Craigslist ad for this iPhone, mysteriously posted about an hour after Jeremy's was stolen, was Jimmy. The same first name as Jimmy Crockett, our Facebook suspect with the military and telecom connection and the same last name as the homeowner where the phone showed up. What a surprise.

I figured out how to block my number and called the number in the listing. The fellow who I presume to be Jimmy (but could've been Paul Jr.) answered the phone with a suspicious hello.

I told him I was calling about the iPhone on Craigslist, and he asked, in a rather unfriendly voice, "Can you call back from an unblocked number?" and so I did. When I said I had a few questions, he impatiently asked, "What do you want to know?"

"Just the usual stuff. How long have you had it, how do I know it's not stolen so I'll be able to get it activated, is there any flexibility in price..."

"Uhhhh I don't want to talk to you anymore."

And he hung up.

SERIOUSLY!? He really said that. And he really hung up on me.

That's not how you speak to a potential buyer if you want to sell your stuff. This was SO FRUSTRATING. We knew these were the guys who stole the phone, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it.

Police Visit #2:
Officer Cool made it back to our house around midnight. He told us he had gone to the house, and Davy Crockett, Sr. answered the door. Here's where it gets funny. As it turns out, Papa Crockett is a prison guard. (YEAH! I know.) He said "the boys" (who are in their mid- to late-twenties, mind you) weren't home at the moment, but he would most certainly have a chat with them upon their return and call the officers if he found something amiss.

I briefed Officer Cool on our new intel, courtesy of Craigslist. He agreed it was a compelling case, but we couldn't use that as evidence. There was nothing we could do except hope that Senior had some influence when Junior and friends got home. He'd let us know.

Cool left to go do something more important, and we called Jimmy back. No answer. No surprise. Then, around 11:30 pm, another phone by a similar description showed up under another listing. What a coincidence!, we thought. Now they're trying to throw us off by re-listing the same phone under different post, with a girl (who must be an accomplice) holding the phone in the photo.

I sent a couple of texts to the girl at the new number, politely asking the thieves to return the phone when the gym opened the next morning. We didn't want the police to be involved; we just wanted the phone back. At this point, my bro-in-law was texting her too, pretending to be interested in buying the phone, then referencing Jimmy, Paul Jr., and the theft. No response.

Until around 1:00 am, when my phone rang.

Click here for Part III, the shocking conclusion ;)

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