September 17, 2012

A Wreath a Day...

Thanks to great parents, I've got lots of special, lasting memories associated with each and every major holiday.  They really made an effort to make sure each holiday was recognized in some special way - from Valentine's to Christmas and every special day in between, each holiday had its own traditions in our house growing up. (Note to self: Write a blog post for each of Bryson's first holidays, at least before his second of each holiday arrives!)

I didn't fully appreciate their efforts until my first year of college when the holidays rolled around. 

Wait a minute, where are all the pumpkins? Who's got the Christmas tree?? It looks like any other day in here...

Lesson learned: Holidays are what you make of them. Traditions aren't automatic.

When Bryson was still a twinkle in our eyes and it was just the two of us, we kept our  holiady decor pretty minimal. But once the holiday season of 2011 got closer and closer, I felt compelled to change that. I was a mom now, and Bryson would depend on me to create happy and fun holiday memories for him!

The urge to make festive decor came right about this time last year, in the weeks before our little one was born. My nesting instincts took many forms, and one of those forms was circular.  

I got busy making wreaths. 

My first wreath, Pinterest and sis-in-law inspired, was for Halloween. I can't find the original pin, but this one is similar! The base is a straw wreath, which I spray-painted black. I then cut and tied several strips of black toulle around it and added the ribbons. Once it was finished, I liked how it looked on the back side more than the front side, so the back is now the front!

Next was Thanksgiving. Inspiration for my first yarn wreath came from here. This is a very simple one, but wrapping the wreath with yarn took a loooooong time. The flowers are made of felt which was cut in a swirl pattern, rolled, then hot-glued at the base.

While we love all holidays, Christmas is the most meaningful. While we're still working on what traditions we will employ to celebrate the birth of Jesus as Bryson and future Brownies grow, we got a jumpstart on our decorations last year. And Christmas gets two wreaths. Mmhmm!

First is the ornament wreath. It's made from a styrofoam wreath, and the ornaments are just hot-glued on. I took the silver tips off of each ornament and stabbed them in the wreath with hot glue to create an inner and outer circle first, and then it was a free-for-all to fill the space.

While looking for a helpful link, I found one tutorial that suggests wrapping the wreath in garland before gluing to avoid the blank spots. Not a bad idea!

Then I made the candy cane wreath. Again, I was directly inspired by Courtney who made one almost just like it! Since the yarn-wrapping is a mindless and time-consuming task, I packed it with me on our stay-cation at Aulani, the fabulous Disney resort we have on Oahu (more on that another day). I may have gotten a few bewildered stares as I hung out in the shade with my newborn sleeping in the stroller beside me, wrapping a straw wreath with red yarn.'ve never seen a person crafting a Christmas wreath on a Hawaiian vacation before?

 Last but not least - the balloon wreath! The newest addition to my wreath collection was made for Bryson's first birthday in just over a month. (What?!?!) While it ties in perfectly with his birthday party theme, we can bust it out for each special birthday week throughout the year. Why not?

I had seen a number of balloon wreaths on Pinterest, and my friend Chelsea shared her tips with me too! You need balloons, a wreath, and some floral greening pins. Very simple.

I wanted to try something a bit different with mine, so I alternated between solid blocks of colors instead of mixing them all up. I started off mixing them, but then I found myself getting crazy about trying to make sure each color was equally represented, and that was taking too long. I also just prefer the look of the solid color blocks. I tried half and half (that's how quickly you can do this), and the blocks won out. To add some fun, I added some pipe cleaners, which I first curled around pencils - inspired by this wreath!

Whew! That's it for now. Five wreaths, basically all designed for use in the last three months of the year. This door gets lonely January through September. 

Guess I better get back to pinning.

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  1. Great job! Haven't seen you at must have been wreathing! :-)

    1. Ha! Thanks, Larisa :) I made all of these (except for the last one) last year. We are (I am) really bad about timing our Gym classes these days! Have two to make up this month while we're on "hold" since we missed 'em last month.

  2. I threw all of mine away last year. They all were old and getting shabby. I am going to be very busy making new ones this year! Thank goodness for Pinterest!

    1. Love Pinterest! Endless supply of good ideas. The trick is not just pinning, but DOING!