October 1, 2012

Oh, October!

My 2010 Masterpiece
I don't know exactly when October took its place as my favorite month of the year, but it has reigned supreme for as far back as I can remember. In honor of the first day of this fabulous month, here's a list of some of my favorite things about October:

Football Games
While I wouldn't say that football is my favorite sport, football games are my favorite sports events to watch and enjoy! Whether it's high school (Go Mustangs!), college (Go Frogs!), in-person or on TV,  the school spirit, dance teams, cheerleaders, proud parents, crazy fans, and pumped up players bring communities across the country together during this time of year. Everybody gets behind their favorite teams to join the collective conversation, and I love that.

Candy Corn
When I was little, I'd eat candy corn one color at a time. I was obviously limited in my portion size back then, since I couldn't shop for my own and my parents were responsible. Now that I can run to Target and buy a giant bag (or three...), I very well may consume my body weight in candy corn this year. We'll see. 

Real or craftable, carved, painted, or glittered, pumpkins are a symbol for October. In candy corn form, in candle form, the scent, smell, and feel of pumpkins embody the essence of fall. It's not October without a pumpkin or ten in and around the house.

Holiday Decor
It's around this time of year that not just Halloween, but Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations make their debuts in craft stores across the country. I definitely believe each holiday should have its time to shine, but I can't lie - I love them all. I miss them during those first nine months of the year. I've even been known to bust out Christmas music for a project or two before Thanksgiving (like while working...in September). I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Fall TV Premieres
I am a bit ashamed to admit how much I love fall TV, but I have to be honest. It's part of my love affair with fall. My DVR gets lazy in the summertime, when there aren't as many shows I like to watch. This time of year, however, brings new season premieres of all of my favorite shows. It's like going back to school and catching up with friends who you haven't seen all summer! Except they're fictional characters who didn't really have summers...and they aren't really your friends. I also love when family channels play old school seasonal movies all month long - Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown... you get the gist.

Speaking of school, it's worth mentioning here that if I were still an official student, back-to-school time would be another reason why I love the fall - school supplies, butterflies, and getting to see old friends and make new ones... Once B starts preschool, I will add it back to the list!

Leaves Changing
Even though it doesn't happen in Hawaii and doesn't always happen on time in Texas, I love how the leaves turn from green to yellow, orange, red, and brown, falling on the ground and making the perfect crunch when you walk over them. One of these days, I'd like to drive through a part of the country where fall is undeniable. In the meantime, I will use my imagination. And Google images.

Cooler Weather
True fall weather is my favorite weather. While I miss Texas the most during these last few months of the year, I'm blessed that my favorite "Texas fall" weather is a lot like the weather we get year-round in Honolulu, plus or minus a few degrees. Our 2008 wedding weekend in Houston was the most perfect weather I could've dared to pray for... blue skies with just enough fluffy white clouds to add personality, highs in the upper-70s... it was perfection. Shorts and flip-flops are great and all, but my favorite weather requires a great pair of jeans with a suggestion of long sleeves... and maybe even a scarf! (Don't get me started on boots.) You just can't beat the feel (and smell) of the crisp fall air that lingers over the Lone Star State this time of year.

Our Family's FY
Not only do I love the month for all of its festivities, but it's the official start of our family's fiscal year. Mmhmm. The Navy and the National Park Service start each year in October, and we do too!

Our Anniversary
We started dating 10-24-98 and got married 10-24-08. October has been our special month of memories for 14 years now, but our best anniversary yet came last year.

Bryson's Birthday!
Not only is October the birth month of many people I love dearly (shout-out to my Octobabies - Stacey, Jason, Court, Ashleys, Lizzie, Katie, Deuane, Katelin, Elaine, Hank...), but this is the month we celebrate our OWN October baby! We officially became parents on October 24, 2011, our 3rd wedding anniversary. I think it's safe to say that our future child(ren) will probably not be born on 10/24. That's quite alright. I just hope s/he/they won't feel left out, as it will always be the day we celebrate the start of our family! I can't believe it's been almost a year already.

True story: When we decided we were ready to start our family, I actually took the time to Google when we'd have to conceive in order to have a baby in October. Ridiculous, I know, but that's me. Hey. If you want to make God laugh... He ended up being due in November, but must have heard my "wish." He decided to arrive two and a half weeks early, just in time for our third wedding anniversary, and topping the ever-growing list of reasons of why this is my favorite month of the year.

On Facebook I used to call October "Anniversary Month," posting my favorite (and some delightfully embarrassing) pictures of Jerm and myself over the years, leading up to our actual anniversary. Now I'll be mixing in my favorite photos of our sweetie boy as he's grown. We all know I have plenty.

I'm not quite sure how we'll handle our actual anniversary celebrations from here on out, as we will never want to leave him on his birthday to go out on a date night! In future years, the Navy will undoubtedly leave me and Bryson to celebrate on our own while Jerm's underway somewhere, but we will always figure something out.

Every day, whether it's meant to be "ordinary" or special, is what you make of it, and making our 10/24s memorable seems to come naturally to us. Plus, when it comes down to it, our precious boy is the most tangible evidence we have of our love story, and that's what it's all about!

So here's to October and all that it brings. May it be full of pumpkins, football, candy corn, and plenty of time for sweet family memories, old and new.

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  1. Wow October really is your lucky month! I can't believe you started dating, got married and had a baby all on the same day over so many years! Crazy!! It truly is your licky day!

    1. Definitely makes it easy for us to remember the big stuff!

  2. What a nice fall post! Love all the photos!! Go Frogs!