November 16, 2012

A One-Year-Old's Résumé

Well, it happened. Our baby boy turned ONE! While I fully intend on calling him my baby for the rest of his life, he's now a toddler according to my weekly email newsletters.

Where did the time go?

This time last year, his tricks were limited to eating, sleeping, handling his business, nursing, and sleeping some more. He'd cry and coo and sort of look us in the eye, but for the most part, he was just a sweet, noisy snuggle bug.

Now that he's fresh off the birthday, he's got a pretty full baby (toddler?) résumé. I'd like to take this opportunity to keep track of his many new talents for the family record.

Indulge me.

Bryson D. Brown
1024 Rainbow Street - Honolulu, HI

  • Frequently signs "more" to communicate "want food ASAP," a trick that began the day after his 1st birthday party and months after Mom started trying to teach it
  • Signs "milk" and/or whines when it's nursing time, even upon just spotting Mom's nursing pillow...
  • Waves "bye bye" when he feels like it, either before or after the person initiating the sequence has left the premises
  • Throws the odd wave of "hi" to the mix just as a teaser
  • Blows slobbery smooches to those who request and deserve them
  • Offer sincerely sloppy smooches to those in the inner circle, sometimes on demand, sometimes out of the goodness of his heart
  • Busts into a cheese face when feeling extremely happy and silly, usually around grown-ups
  • Lays head down upon hearing "oh, sweet baby..." in order to work the room and charm the adults
  • Leads daily pick-up games of "Baby Go Night-Night - Baby Wake Up!"
  • Tucks his arms in and lays his head on Mom and Dad's shoulders when feeling snuggly
  • Answers the question "How old are you, Bryson?" by pointing finger and thinking intently, "I'm ooone..."
  • States the obvious when viewing a bovine animal or asked "What's a cow say?" (The answer is "mooooo.")
  • Enthusiastically plays peekaboo and "Wheeeere's Bryson?" by placing blankets, napkins, etc. over his dome
  • Stops everything to woof upon seeing or hearing a canine or two in the distance
  • Claps hands together as a reflex to "yay" or to express approval of something the grown-ups did
  • Vrooooom while pushing cars
  • "Blaaaaaah" tongue-out-Polynesian-warrior face, introduced by Papa via FaceTime
  • Laughs uncontrollably when being tickled, scared (in a non-threatening way), or otherwise entertained, usually by Dad
  • Attempts to put phone-like items by his ear when we say "helllloo?"
 Physical Feats
  • Shakes head left to right to demonstrate what a "crazy baby" looks like
  • Executes innate dance moves including the "aw shucks" arm swing and alternating shoulder shrugs
  • Climbs staircases (or anything else less than 18 inches from the ground) with gusto
  • Spontaneously stands up on his own
  • Crawls on hands and knees AND hands and feet, with no real walking just yet
  • Points at what he wants, likes, or otherwise feels like pointing at
  • Demonstrates a mastery of the pincer grasp by picking up every tiny thing he sees 
  • Reveals a bit of a rebellious streak, quickly turning his back when grown-ups try to collect said tiny things from his hands and/or mouth before swallowing them
Table Manners
  • Wears plate on face, both forwards and backwards, once finished eating
  • Effectively tests the laws of gravity with food, cup, spoons 
  • Places bits of food on the spoon, then directly into his mouth
  • Alerts the room that he has dropped/is planning on dropping something with a clear "UH-oh...."
Proficient in the English Language, Baby Translation:
  • Ba - Ball, balloon (or tomato, if we're grocery shopping.) 
  • Mama - Usually used when he's frustrated with something...don't know what that means...
  • Dada _ He's known who "Dada" is for a while, but he just started saying it!
  • By-cin? - He really tries to say his name when he sees his photo, always with a question mark at the end.
  • Nana - Said just a few times during their most recent visit! She taught him lots of the tricks above.
  • Papa - Started making this one just before Father's Day on Paw Paw's birthday - synonym for Paw Paw, Papa/Pop.
  • Ca - Car, airplane, anything with wheels, see also "vroooom."
  • Pu-en - Pumpkin? Maybe? I really think we both heard it while pointing to fall decor on a few different occasions.

He'll make an invaluable employee (or maybe even employer!) one day. In the meantime, I'm incredibly thankful he's on our payroll for a while.

That said - is 13 months really too young to teach him how to fold laundry?

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