November 20, 2012

Let Him Smash Cake


Since Bryson started eating solid (?) foods around six months of age, we've tried to keep the menu to foods that are nutrient-dense as opposed to junky and empty. Just as a rule, when possible. Nothing too extreme.
This makes us total hypocrites, however, since we are admittedly not the healthiest of eaters. Like that time I made a batch of cupcakes just so I could eat a couple (or five) that night. {Thankfully I was able to convince Jerm to take the rest to work the next morning, but that's neither here nor there...}

The point is, while want to give his little body the best start possible, he's still ours. A sweet tooth (or two, from my half) is probably hereditary. When we scheduled his birthday photo shoot and I baked a yummy cake for him to tear into, I thought he'd dig right in.

I thought wrong. 

As you can see from the photo evidence, the birthday boy was quite timid at first. It took some encouraging, prodding, cheering, and demonstrating for him to realize he had free reign.

One of my favorites is the one taken immediately after Daddy got involved and (gently) smashed the cake in B's face. (I can't help it that I think he's precious when he cries!) Thankfully he recovered quite nicely and his unconditional love for Jerm remained in tact.

Once the fun was done and the sun was down, it was time to call it. 

Lessons learned?

1. It's good to make a solid mess every now and then. We're washable.
2. It's good to make more than the kid can eat. Mom gets the leftovers :)

Thanks again to Brenda Van Photos for capturing the big day!


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