January 28, 2013

The Boogie Man

"There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." - Vickie Baum

I love to dance. Not necessarily in a technical, So You Think You Can Dance professional and organized sense, but in the most basic, moving-your-body-to-the-rhythm-of-good-music sense.

Like many little girls, I took ballet and tap as a little one, with a jazz or hip-hop class here and there in elementary school. As I moved through middle school high school, cheerleading took over. Then, in high school, I somehow managed my way onto our super-star, national champion dance team (Go Fillies!). In college, my best girlfriends and I had way too much fun dancing the night(s) away on the Fort Worth social scene.

While I'm not the most talented "real" dancer, I love to watch those who are. Those who have spent years developing a natural talent for movement - ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary - they make it look easy. And I appreciate that, because I know it isn't!

The best part of my appreciation for dance is that apparently it's hereditary.

Since our early Gymboree days, I thought he had an ear for a beat. He'd just do a little bounce - nothing extravagant - just enough to let you know he was feeling the music. Then, just before Thanksgiving (and just after his first birthday), he started a new move. A real move. A shoulder shrug/shimmy, if you will. (Jeremy claims credit for teaching him this trick during mealtimes.)

We laughed and encouraged the shoulder switch, but while we were in Disney World the week after Thanksgiving, B took his moves to a whole new level. Observe, from my Facebook post on 11/29:

Bryson has not stopped shakin' his thang all. day. long. 

No exaggeration! Christmas music, scary music, water faucet dripping, Jerm's shoulders, dinner table, changing table..he finds his groove every chance he gets! 

Truly, he wouldn't stop dancing. People would walk by, laugh, smile, and comment on how happy he seemed. And happy he was! Livin' the dream.

"We've just never seen a baby move like that!" said one dad, whose teenage daughters were getting a kick out of the show.

Another sweet dance routine came as a lovely surprise on Christmas morning. Jeremy provided the beat by drumming on the diaper box. [Yes, I wrapped diaper boxes for him to open on Christmas - so what? He won't remember. Til he reads this one day. And Jesus is the reason for the season anyway!] Point is, Bryson was feelin it. I used the Viddy app to clip it to just the best 15 seconds, and added a bit of Colbie Caillat for nostalgic effect. 

Remember: He's not dancing to the "music," just the drumming!

We can ask Abby Lee Miller, but I think it's safe to say that moves like that just can't be taught at the age of 14 months. He's got the music in him.

And so, we add "dance moves" to the ever-growing list of the things we love about our little guy. He never fails to make us smile and appreciate these precious moments we have with him.

If there's one thing that concerns me about all this dancing business, it's that one day he may stop. He may become self-conscious and think it's not cool to dance whenever he feels like it. As his mom (and fellow fan of dance), I will do whatever I can to assure him this is most definitely not the case!

In the meantime, I will just treasure how our boogie man loves to dance like nobody's watching. Because we are watching. And it's pretty cute.

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