January 30, 2013

Treasure It Up: 15 Months

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. - Luke 2:19

I don't know how, but it happened. Fifteen months have passed since our third wedding anniversary. That means our best anniversary gift ever is now (over) fifteen months old. Q1 of his second year of life is now complete. It's a little crazy.

As a little family, we've got some unknowns facing us at the end of 2013. Jerm's shore duty will end, and we will have some shifts and transitions to make. I am feeling very aware that the next several months we have together as a family of three are precious. My word of the year (as opposed to a resolution) is faith. I've been spending time doing daily bible studies for almost two months now (seriously - this is a record for me!), and one of the verses that has struck me the most is listed above - Luke 2:19. I love the imagery! Mary was aware that something really special was happening. She didn't want to take any of it for granted, so she "treasured up all these things." That's what I want to do.

Considering how quickly time flies these days, I figured I should take a moment to stop and reflect on Bryson's current state of affairs - new tricks, talents, words, likes, and dislikes. One day we will undoubtedly forget something we just knew we'd always remember, so to me, these little things are worth treasuring.

Here's what we've got:

Height - 31.75" (75th percentile)
Weight - 22 pounds 7.8 ounces (25th percentile)
Head - 41 cm ("right in the middle" - usually Dr. H's answer for all three!)
Tall enough to grab things from the counter - we have to be extra careful what we leave out!
Big boy carseats in both cars now - no more infant carrier.

The kid can dance. And dance he does. Anytime there's a beat.
Walks - almost runs (still working on turn radius).
Wants to get down and walk when we're in public - need to have shoes now!
Likes to wear hats and sunglasses (for short periods of time).
Loves accessorizing with the curtain pulls (while supervised closely).
Covers eyes with hands or hat while walking - total thrill-seeker!
VERY ticklish! His laugh when he's tickled just takes over his whole tiny body. The thrill and suspense is just too much!
Favorite play partner - Daddy! Wrestle, tickle, chase, hide and seek, peekaboo...Daddy must have hung the moon.
Loves pushing buttons - especially on computer keyboards! This also includes light switches, garage door opener, and the old solar calc.
Reads books with Mama - will grab them and then back up into my lap :) LOVE that! Likes to turn the board book pages.
Goes on regular walks with me - around the neighborhood, by the harbor channel, eating snacks and waving to the people and puppies as they walk by.
Still going to Gymboree - almost finished with a month of Level 4.

Cheese face! This began right after his birthday as well. Self-explanatory and awesome.
Waves at pretty much everyone - at neighbors out while we're checking the mail, at nurses passing in the clinic, at opposing team players at Dad's basketball games...he's a very friendly fella.
When he's really feeling friendly, he'll blow smoochies to said strangers as well. We'll have to reign that in a bit one day, but for now, the ladies love it!!
FaceTime (and Skype) champion - favorites include his canine cousin Lucy (and all of the rest of the pups!), all of his human cousins (his face totally lights up when he sees them), and Uncle Bill's "Papiiiiitooooo" welcome.
Still going to in-home daycare two days a week, loving it. Cries every now and then while I walk out the door, but stops by the time I've got my shoes on!
Recently experienced the nursery at church for the first time and did just fine, although I must have told the sweet lady in charge she could text me anytime....at least five times.

Continues with the words from 1st birthday, and has added just a few, including:
"Hiii" or "Heh" (Hey), usually accompanied by a wave.
Some form of "puppy" - always followed by a "woof."
"Moo" when seeing a cow. (And I think he has said "caw" a time or two.)
"Coooore" - which means cousin Claire.
Other things I know he understands but doesn't yet SAY -
Socks and shoes - He can bring them to you, point them out, and/or stick out his foot to help you put them on.
Airplane - if he hears one overhead, he points up.
Bow your head - we're starting a new one so he can participate in family prayer time ;)
Puppy dog, ball, spoon, blocks - he can point at pictures or actual objects.

He still eats just about everything we put in front of his face - except for chicken. Spits it out.
Eats a little less than he did just before his birthday, but depends on the meal!
Thankfully he has slowed down on eating small debris found on the floor. Sheesh.
He has not slowed down on throwing small debris on the floor, his signal for done if he's not feeling like signing it!
Still hates having his hands and face wiped after a meal.
Getting better at using a spoon and fork! Still throwing plates or wearing them on his face...
Favorites/staples: Cut grapes, bananas, steamed zucchini, good macaroni and cheese, yogurt snacks, Cheerios, water.

Currently has the front eight and now three molars coming in!
Still a great teether - we don't know they're coming til they're already there.

Lookin' Good
Hair keeps a-growin'! The little follicles that could.
Double cowlick in the back is getting interesting, creating a bit of a faux hawk.
Still gets plenty of "He's so beautiful! I mean handsome," compliments from the ladies.
Eye color still hard to determine - gray? blue and green, sometimes appears light brown. Most days appears to match his daddy's mystery color.

Likes to lay back and relax with hands behind his head at any degree angle.
Naps once or twice per day, 1.5-2 hours usually.
Bathtime duty alternates between Mom and Dad - one cleans Bryson while the other cleans up after dinner!
Usually goes down between 8-8:30. Wakes up around 6 to nurse, then back down til about 7:30.
These days I've been tucking him in with a tiny Texas blanket from Aunt Court just because it's comfy and cute - literally just covers his torso :)
Still using a binky and clip for sleeping and "emergencies" if needed in public (church!).
Listens to Hidden in My Heart lullabies (Volumes I and II) on iPod during sleepy times.

So these are the memories and milestones I want to freeze in this verbal time capsule of ours. By this time next year, and for years after that, we won't have the same routines. We will be spending lots of time apart. This year, 2013, is a magic window of time. We've got just one Brownie to enjoy and lots of time as a family to treasure. That's precisely why I made a paper toast to 2013 on the back of our 2012 Christmas card:

So here's to 2013, friends! May we not miss an opportunity to treasure the little (silly, sweet, challenging) moments that mean the most!

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