April 28, 2013

Progress Check: Little Man at 18 Months

In honor of Bryson's 2nd half-birthday, I'd like to take a few moments to reflect on his current personal profile -- the skills, talents, interests, quirks, and such that we want to save in this digital time capsule of a blog.

I'll follow the formula I established in his 15-month update. Here we go!

Height - 32.75"
Weight - 25-26 pounds
Head - TBD at 18-month appointment
Runs around like a big boy. True toddler!

LOVES to be outside.
Gardens (eats dirt) with Daddy.
Still dances if the right beat comes along, but would prefer to run.
Shoes are a must when we go out - he's gotta run free!
Still enjoys a nice pair of shades.
Initiates wrestling with cousins on a regular - gotta watch that.
Favorite play partner - still Daddy! Nobody earns a belly laugh like him.
Still loves pushing buttons - any kind, anywhere.
Will go on walks with me IF I pack enough Goldfish and Cheerios to keep him happy.
Loves to run up and down the sidewalk and between the houses in our neighborhood.
His Gymboree this month is his near 24/7 playtime with cousins!
Total wildman playing on the big spongey wedge cushions at Nana and Pop's.
Likes to scoot on bikes and Plasma Cars.

VERY friendly. He has a very quick, straight-up, straight-down "Hi." wave he offers to people.
Likes to blow smoochies when the spirit moves him. Selective with REAL smoochies.
If he's not in the mood to FaceTime, he'll let me know by demanding my attention through (sometiems violent) physical attachment.
Loves going to Ms. Diane's and playing and learning two days per week!
Still not sure about the nursery at church. It's hit or miss.
Has been great about seeing family! Takes a bit to warm up, but then he knows their names and gets right into the swing of things.
There have been days this week when he's been pretty clingy - but I'm okay with that. I'll take extra snuggles any day!
Likes to pat us on the back sometimes when we're holding him :)

Usually will say "please" or "thank you" on request (not otherwise!)

Everyday words:
Bolt (Daddy's proud of that one - learned on the playground)

I know I'm forgetting lots...I'll come back to update!

Names (new since last update): 
Aiden, Avery, Luke, Leah, Kayleigh, Jacob, Nana, Paw Paw, JoJo, Tutu, Pop, George (as in Curious)

Animal Noises
Monkey (looooves Curious George!)

Eats pretty well! Appetite depends on the day.
Pretty good with fork, less so with the spoon.
Still has a bad habit of throwing food when he's "all done" with it.
Favorites/staples: Bananas, grapes, steamed zucchini, peanut butter waffles, colby jack cheese sticks, tiny sneaky bits of sweets (if I'm selfless enough to share)

Still hates having his hands and face wiped after a meal.

All in, except for the pointy ones!
Big white front teeth, super-useful molars. (Probably thanks to the "tooth juice" fluoride drops.)
Still a great teether - we don't know they're coming til they're already there.

Lookin' Good
The faux-hawk is growing in strong.
I think we'll do a first haircut soon, as the hair behind his ears is looking kinda creepy.
He still gets called a "pretty boy" a lot.
I think he looks a LOT like me in my toddler pics, but he sure is handsome like his daddy.
Eye color seems to be settling into a greeny-gray. (Yes, he can list that on his driver's license.)

Still enjoys kicking back with hands behind his head.
Naps once a day, usually 1.5-2.5 hours shortly after lunchtime.
Usually goes down between 8-8:30. Wakes up around 6 to nurse, then back down til about 7:30.
Started covering him with a light Aiden + Anais blanket to feel more cozy.
Still using a binky and clip for sleeping and "emergencies" if needed in public (church!).
Listens to Hidden in My Heart lullabies (Volumes I and II) on iPod during sleepy times.


Bathtime duty still alternates. Daddy is all about the glowsticks!
Loves to splash. And try to drink the water when the tub is drained.
Always waves "bye-bye, bathtub" upon exit. (That's how he first learned to wave!)

That's it. He's the man. So crazy and fun to watch him grow and develop into a little person.

There's a lot going on in our lives right now, but it's so important for me stop and capture this stuff before it fades away.

What do YOU need to capture before you forget, and what are you waiting for? Open up a Word doc and write it down today! 

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  1. How often does he nurse now? Once or twice a day or more? J is 6 months now--just getting ready to start solids--and I'm trying to gauge what I'm in for in the next year!

  2. He is so adorable and love that you are getting this all down on paper to keep for the future. At some point you can turn your blog into a book. It is on my list of things to do for my blog!