May 25, 2013

Mr. Man's 1st Haircut

Hair is kind of a big deal to me.

Partly because I'm from Texas, where hair is big in general. 

But also because my wild 'n' crazy mane has played an all-too-significant role in my life story. It started off slow-growing. My mom had to put headbands on me so people would realize I wasn't a boy. 

True story. 

And then BOOM. Once I hit kindergarten, there was no turning back. The curls were on the loose. Strangers felt compelled to pat my hair on a regular basis.

Curly Sue? Shirley Temple? Annie? "Do you know how much people pay for curls like that?"

If I had a nickel for every time....

Even though everyone else seemed to love it, I constantly struggled (and still do!) with managing my unruly 'do. Haircuts were a necessary evil - no way to know how they'd turn out. (Why couldn't I just have hair like the "straight girls"?!) 

If I'm completely honest, I was a bit concerned about what would happen if I had a boy with curly hair.

Don't get me wrong: I know plenty of handsome dudes who have made it work. But knowing what a struggle it was for me as a tot, I wasn't sure how it would turn out for my little fella.

To my surprise, howev, it seems Bryson's follicles are heading in the absolute OPPOSITE direction. 

Straight as a pin, his main hair concern is what we could call...uneven growth. Wings. Mudflaps. A reverse mullet of sorts, where the hair right above his ears was completely showing up the rest of crew.

So this past Monday, after almost 19 months of goin' and growin', it was time for the first trim.

Cute name, huh? It's a chain!

 You sure about this, Mom?

We got to the door, and the power was out. They said they couldn't do cuts because the clippers were out. I assured them scissors could do the job, and we were IN ;)

Figured the airplane was appropriate for the "wing" analogy.

Final moments - had to document the reason for the season!

 Totally fine...

...a bit perturbed...

...aaaaand OVER IT.

But Mama packed jelly beans. Crisis averted.

He naturally has mohawk-ish tendencies, so she went with it and put a little gel on top ;)

My dream guys. Just when I thought they couldn't get any more handsome.

So that's the story of Bryson's first haircut. No power, a few jelly beans, and a whole lotta cuteness.

Anyone wanna guess how long it'll be til we need trim #2?

In the comments below, tell me: What's your best (or worst...) hair story? I know you've got one.

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  1. He is adorable and first haircut is too!!! Love the special days...

  2. When Alex got his first haircut, in the basement barbershop at the University of North Dakota student union building, he did great - all smiles. When he got his second haircut, he screamed so loud people were calling down from the fourth floor to see if someone was being murdered. After that, I cut his hair. Now, if he only had enough hair to cut!

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  4. Hey Nikki, This is Mary Jane from KHS --- I'm not on facebook anymore so this is the only way I could think of to contact you. I have a question about the KHS reunion next month. Could you email me? mjhudd(at)gmail --- Thanks!

  5. this is so adorable! your son is so cute :)

    for anyone interested in Nikki's "A Course About Copy" I highly recommend it!


    Sarah Ann (aka MomTrainer)